1st conference of Art and Environment

BALANCE - UNBALANCE: Arts + Sciences x Technology = Environment / Responsibility

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On Tuesday, December 7 of 2010 was the First International Conference Balance-Unbalance. Art + Science = x Technology Environment / Responsibility at the Borges Cultural Center. This day of reflection, discussion and promotion of projects and actions related to the environment and our responsibility to the turning point we're living in defining the future of humanity.



Centro Cultural Borges (Auditorio III - 3rd floor)    

9:20 Welcoming
Ricardo Dal Farra (Concordia University, Canada; and CEIArtE - UNTREF, Argentina)
9:30  Art and Technology: what Man puts in Nature
Carlos Mundt (Associated Academic Vice-President, Universidad Nacional de Tres de Febrero)
10:00  Climate Change and Carbon Prints
Environmental Studies Centre (SCEU-FRBA) Universidad Tecnológica Nacional: Leticia Abriola (Chemical Engineering student); Gabriela Borbely (lawyer); Paula Castesana (Chemical Engineer); Patricia Della Rocca (PhD in Chemical Sciences -renewable energy and food technology); Diego Di Lullo (Chemical Engineer); Valeria Iglesias (Chemical Engineering student)
10:40  A Message from the International Society for the Arts, Sciences and Technology (video)
Roger Malina (astrophysicist; executive director of Leonardo, the International Society for the Arts, Sciences and Technology)


Coffee break
11:10 Epistemological, ethical and polítical views on facing our current environmental challenges
Guillermo Priotto (coordinator, Environment Education Unit - Environment Policies - National Secretary of Environment and Sustainable Development of Argentina)
11:45 Soundwalking Interactions for Environmental Awarenes
Dr. Andra McCartney (artist; Professor at Concordia University - Canada)  
12:30 Lunch break
13:30 "UNTREF Recycling" Project  
CreCE Group (Creando Conciencia Ecológica / Creating Ecological Awareness). Faculty and students from the Environmental Engineering program at Universidad Nacional de Tres de Febrero, and from Universidad de Buenos Aires. Students: Rocio Abregú, Naira Alderete, Julieta Carcagno, Rocio Castelo, Pablo Celador, Camila Farias, Ana Clara Gnazzo, Cielo Gonzalez Smith, Nayla Irurzun Schnatz, Sofía Mendoza, Matias Sivo, Fabián Sosa. Professors: Zulema Modia (Chemical Sciences), Omart Tarditti (Social Studies), María Petraglia (lawyer), Julio Abel Sola (Director, Environmental Engineering - UNTREF). 
14:05 Comparative and insertion loss analysis of different types of headphones
Pablo Kogan (Sound Engineering - Universidad Nacional de Tres de Febrero)
14:30 Searching for a Reinvention Culture 
Maria Cristina V. Biazus (Cordinator, Núcleo de Estudos em Subjetivação, Tecnologia e Arte - NESTA, Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Sul - UFRGS - Brazil); Julio Costa (PhD student, NESTA - UFRGS - Brazil; and Centre de Recherche sur l'Intermédialité - Université de Montréal - Canada)
15:00 Coffee break
15:15 The "two cultures" convergence in the development of a "civic epistemology"
Ailin María Reising (CONICET; Bariloche Foundation ; Universidad Nacional de Río negro)
15:45 The party is over... ... isn't it?
The role of art/the artists in an [un]balanced world 
Ricardo Dal Farra (Concordia University, Canada; and CEIArtE - UNTREF, Argentina).
16:10 What do we do now?
Participants: Guillermo Priotto; CEA-UTN; CreCE Group-UNTREF; Ailin Reising and guests. Respondent: Andrea Juan (artist; Universidad Nacional de Tres de Febrero). Coordination: Raúl Minsburg (CEIArtE - Universidad Nacional de Tres de Febrero; and Universidad Nacional de Lanús)
17:30 Closing words
18:00 Soundwalking
Andra McCartney will be leading a soundwalk in downtown Buenos Aires from 6:00pm to 8:00pm. The activity is open to all interested people but they should register first, writing to: mail.ceiarte@gmail.com. The soundwalk will be followed by a group analysis an evaluation of the activity.

Exhibition during the Colloquium: Naturaleza Overflow
Digital Art by Tomás Rawski.

The "BALANCE - UNBALANCE [art + science x technology = environment / responsibility]" international conference is a project of the Electronic Arts Experimenting and Research Center – CEIArtE of the Universidad Nacional de Tres de Febrero (UNTREF).
BALANCE - UNBALANCE conference organizing team:
Ricardo Dal Farra, chair.
Raúl Minsburg, general coordination.
Bernardo Piñero, coordination.
Natalia Pajariño, webmaster.
Gerardo Della Vecchia, Valeria Stang and Leandro Garber, collaborators.
The organizing team members are part of the Electronic Arts Experimenting and Research Center.
Universidad Nacional de Tres de Febrero:
President: Aníbal Y. Jozami
Vice-President: Martín Kaufmann
Associated Academic Vice-President: Carlos Mundt
Arts and Culture Department Director: Norberto Griffa
CEIArtE wishes to thank the UNTREF authorities and the faculty members of the Environmental Engineering program, the Secretary of Culture (SCEU-FRBA) at Universidad Tecnológica Nacional, Leonardo-International Society for the Arts, Sciences and Technology (http://www.leonardo.info/) and all participants and collaborators who kindly contributed their time, knowledge and experience to the BALANCE - UNBALANCE conference.
Información general
07/Dic/2010 - 00:00 hs.
Centro Cultural Borges. Viamonte y San Martín - Buenos Aires, Argentina
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